Tier List 2021

Epic Summoners Hero Tier List 2021

Tier List 2021.

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According to ancient legends, the snake of the world was thrown into the endless deep sea by the main god Odin, trapped by his weight and the pressure of the sea, unable to break free. Its size is extremely huge, if it is fully stretched out, it can wrap the entire seabed.

As an elemental warrior, Jormungand, has a proud blood volume and a high survivability foundation. The hero’s attack power is not high, but he is good at late attack. As long as he is attacked, there is a probability that he can poison the enemy, and cause damage and control to the enemy through poisoning. Read more…

Ancient times, a hundred races contended and fought endlessly. Even the same races were fighting each other because of their beliefs and interests. There are many barbarian wizards who worship all kinds of supernatural abilities, regardless of the gods and demons, get power from them.

As a new ranger of the barbarian camp, the core ability is to control anger, the hero’s damage ability is more general, and the defense ability is slightly stronger. The target of the general attack is the hero with the highest enemy’s rage value, who can accurately locate and steal the opponent’s rage. Read more…


Brave mainland goblin clan used to be slaves of other races. Due to their short stature and weak force value, they were tortured. However, long-term oppression cannot make them abandon their ideals of independence and freedom, starting from the details, lighting up the technological tree of ethnic characteristics, and relying on technology to flourish. 

Restorer F5 New Hero Introduction has powerful control and healing abilities, and its healing effect on dungeon professional heroes is particularly significant; however, the output is relatively ordinary and the overall output is low. Read more…




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