Athena New Hero Introduction and Analysis

Athena New Ancient Hero Priest – 4th Anniversary Celebration

Athena Epic Summoners New hero release ancient camp best priest in RPG mobile game iOS android free gift code anniversary
Athena Epic Summoners

Athena New Hero is dignified and beautiful, bright and charming. She is a young and powerful goddess. At the same time, she has many talents and has many believers and guardians. When fighting, she generally does not need to do it herself. Coming to the Brave Continent during the anniversary, all summoners can be summoned or exchanged directly.

Athena Epic Summoners New hero release ancient camp best priest in RPG mobile game iOS android free gift code anniversary

Hero Analysis

Athena, as the fifth hero of the ancient camp, professional priest, main healing assistant, can increase the damage of teammates and reduce the enemy’s defense ability. At the same time, she has excellent survivability and is an excellent battlefield priest. It can play a significant role in both PVP and PVE. .

To strike iron, you still need to be hard. Athena, as a priest, first needs to make sure that she is not easy to die. The two major skills of “Indestructible” and the fourth-level spirit lord guarantee this. When there are many teammates, it has a very high value of free control and injury free, and has the ability to lock blood in multiple positions. When we match the attributes, we should pay attention to synchronously improving the control and injury immunity, so that these two abilities can reach their full value, and the effect will be particularly significant.

Two of Athena’s skills are focused on strengthening the ancient camp teammates, so they are especially suitable for pure ancient teams and can contribute to the ancient aura. Ordinary camps can also use Athena, after all, Athena’s own excellent survivability and powerful healing effects can also play a major role.

Will you be getting the new Ancient Priest for your full ancient or ordinary camp team? I’ve already got two, but initial feedback is sounding somewhat grim. Let’s see what we get.

4th Anniversary Celebration overview.

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  1. hey i just got into this game but i really cannot find any guidance or a community for this game until i found this website. Any proper tips on how to accumulate heroes until end game?

    • Thanks for the kind comment. That’s a great idea for a guide/post. I’ll try and get something up this weekend. Take a look around the site, a good starting place would be for resource management to fully take advantage of each weeks events. Also check out the hero tier list, make sure not to bypass opportunities to acquire the one’s that will fit into your end game lineup (working on a post for this currently).

      Sorry for all the ads all over the site, curious, would you pay a small fee for information like what you’ve requested? Not saying I’m going to charge one, probably won’t, but it would allow me to take the ads out. By small fee, I mean less than a monthly gift card on Epic Summoners. If not, no harm no foul.

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