Epic Summoners Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Are there gift/redeem codes? (click here to find out how)

How much VIP experience do I need to get to level 2 and level 3?

  • 700 exp. level 2; 1,400 level 3

Will there be more split auras like the “rare” aura? i.e., 3 Saint/3 human lineup with bonus?

New aura will not added in the near future, but it does not rule out the possibility of increasing it in the future.

If I sacrifice heroes/statues that I have invested resources into, do I get the resources back?

90% back

Does Spirit Hall effect everything?

Spirit hall changes the whole hero data base for everything, more info on link above

How can I get new heroes the fastest?

Try farming Miracle Syrup, details within

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  1. My game loads forever. It won’t let me on the game at all. I left it for over an hour on charge and it was still on the load screen. Who can I talk to to get it fixed? 😭

  2. Hey I really like this game but I cant download it to this phone and its really sad all other apps I can install no problem so how i could fix it i have tryed all methods what google has given to me ?

  3. Hi, I have a couple questions. If I have multiple Versions of the same 5-Star Hero can I fuse them to 6-Star? Or is it possible to fuse two same heroes to a higher Star-Tier? I saw Heroes in PvP that had lvl 120, how do I reach it with a Hero?
    Thx 🙂

    • If you have multiple versions of the same 5-star Hero, you can go to the “Fused Quartz” and fuse them to a 6-star, if you have the requirements. Each time you go from 5-6 star, 6-7, etc., you will be able to be a higher level. Hope this helps.

    • When you asked this question, you would have had to set your team to be all one aura. For example, 6 saint heroes, or 6 elemental… Now to get an aura, you can do 3 and 3 of different ones. Check in the game to see the different benefits.

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