Game Math

  • Based power is calculated: HP*0,1667 + ATTACK + DEFENSE
    • All stats are base so before ability increases
  • Skill damage cap is 100%
  • Dodge cap is 50%
    • It takes into account the hit of attacking hero, so you want more than 50%
  • Anti crit has no cap. But crit chance cap is 80% (it takes anti crit into account so you want more)
  • Anti control cap is 100%, you can’t get controlled if you get 100%. Poison isn’t control stat so it can CC you. (anti control can get reduced so you want high resistance or higher anti control)
  • Value of 100 Golden Statue shards = 100 Orange Statue shards + (20.7k Inscriptions + 55.7M Gold)
  • Adjusted Base Attack (ABAtk):
    • Base attack (BAtk) value adjusted only by flat (non-percentage) attack additions from Equipment (Weapon & Jewelry), Artifact, and Badge. Stolen attack also temporarily adds to ABAtk.
  • Base Attack (BAtk): Base attack value as shown by attack value (sword symbol) under hero stat page from “All Heroes” tab, if there are no passives from hero skills that modify attack. Since the displayed attack value is impacted by passives from hero skills, the presence thereof requires a reverse calculation to obtain true base attack.
    • e.g. Hydra has attack value of 45254 displayed but also has +25% attack passive from second skill, so Hydra’s true BAtk is about 45254 / 1.25 = 36203.
  • Heal = ATK x HealMod x SkDmg {if ult} x (1 + HE {Healer}) x (1 + EH {Target})
  • DMG = ATK x (DmgMod + SkDmg {if ult}) x AMF x (1 – RH) x (1 + AD) x FM x CRD {if Crit} x LDM {if lord vs. non-lord}
  • Camp Restraint: Attacking hero gains stat bonuses (+25% Adding Damage, +10% hit) when having camp restraint advantage over defending hero, as indicated by the camp restraint arrows (Attacker -> Defender). Bonus is determined by the camps associated with the attacking and defending heroes, not the aura.
  • Lord Damage/Mitigation (LDM): Extra damage against non-lord target and mitigated damage from non-lord attacker, unlocked at L1 and L3, are multiplied separately to final damage.
  • Resistance (RES): Base = 0%; Min = ??; Max = 100%
  • Extra Healing (EH):
    • Base = 0%; Max = 100%
    • Synonymous with “received healing” Firm Barrier and Prayer astrolabes increases EH.
  • Healing Effect (HE):
    • Base = 0%; Max = 100%
  • Reduce Hurt (RH):
    • Base = 0%; Min= -50%; Max (perm) = 60%; Max (soft) = 99.9%
  • Crit Damage (CRD):
    • Factor by which damage is multiplied when attack is critical. Base = 150%; Max = 300%
  • Attack % Modifier (AtkMod):
    • Percentage values modifying attack % from various sources including Weapon upgrade, Equip set bonus, CL, statue, badge, hero passive, camp aura, camp restraint, buff, and debuff are all added together into one single percentage value.
    • Base = 100%; Min = 0%; Max = 300%
  • Total Attack (ATK) = ABAtk x AtkMod
  • Damage Modifier (DmgMod):
    • Damage modifying percentage value from hero skill descriptions and any conditional damage modifiers (e.g. additional % damage against specific camp, back row enemy, petrified enemy, etc.) are added together into one percentage value. Base = 100%
  • Skill Damage (SkDmg):
    • Conditional damage modifier that is added to DmgMod when attack is ult (primary attack). Base = 100%
    • Armor Mitigation Factor (AMF) = 1000 / [1000 + (1 – AP) x Armor + Real Armor]
    • Ignore armor attacks ignore both Armor and Real Armor, yielding factor of 1.
    • Armor Penetration (AP):
      • Reduces target’s Armor by percentage value. Base = 0%; Max = 100%
    • Adding Damage (AD):
      • Base = 0%; Min = ??; Max = 100%
      • Includes Adding Damage from artifacts and 25% “more damage” from camp restraint.
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