Saving for Events

If you have the impulse to spend your resources, don’t! Ultimately, pain of discipline or pain of regret, the choice is yours. You’ll earn greater rewards in the long term if you complete each weeks event. Event Calendar with upcoming events can come in handy if you’re antsy.

If you are F2P (Free to Play), you will have to skip a lot of events to maximize your efforts. Recommended rewards to go for…

  • World Fruit: 200 <— best event, don’t spend these outside of event.
  • Keys: although 300 is good, max is best (obviously), do what you feel is most fun.
  • Potions: Go for max, even though they’re fun to use outside and seem to take forever.
  • Wishing Pond: Go for 800. If you’re VIP 2, you only need 640. Make sure to have max gold.
  • Advance Wishing Pond: Go for 150, If you’re VIP 2, you only need 120. Make sure to have World Fruit in it.
  • Fuse: Go for max but don’t random fuse 6 star heroes, inefficient use of resources.
  • New Hero: Only do it if it’s a hero you want. Use Syrup and Books gain 10* or higher. Effective way to gain Syrup found here.
  • Altar event: Only go for heroes you need. Usually new heroes get put in here for 1200 souls each. Don’t waste too often refreshing.
  • Deviation event: It will take a few months late game to finish event if you’re good in supreme battle.
  • Fantasy place: suggest doing it for the hero, save dice otherwise.
  • Tycoon event: Have fun with it, go for 20k each time 😉 Always follow our strategy guide
  • Arena: Always do max
  • Pub: Always do all, easy to do if following Pub Guide.

Of course, these are just suggestions. It’s a game after all, have FUN, whatever your definition of FUN is.

Do you have a different strategy that works best for you?

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