Shop till you drop…

  • Altar Shop
    • Save for new heroes @1200 each or Ancient heroes @ 2400 each. Don’t waste them continuously refreshing.
  • Succint Shop
    • Will open after you get your first 10 star hero. Never use them to refresh shop, these are too valuable.
  • Arena Shop
    • Armor upgrading stones.
  • Expedition Shop
    • Early game for artifacts you need. Mage, assassin and ranger are the best to get currently.
    • Later on, buy Succinct or fancy essence… You may be thinking why not the orange statue? More than likely you’ll end up getting one you won’t use and now the arena provides 50 shards per completion.
  • Wishing Pond Shop
    • Save the coins for when it gets updated 😉 Or… buy a hero from the camp you require.
  • Spirit Store
    • Like the Succinct Shop, Never use them to refresh, these are too valuable.

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