Tycoon Event Strategy

Early game players, or F2P (Free to Play), it’s recommended to go for the 20,000 gems reward tier as it gives the most World Fruit per gem. Remember, that’s the best event to complete.

Always buy all 10 World Fruits and try to buy as many succinct as possible early on, once you start getting sufficient amounts from Supreme Battle, you can stop. Blue Obsidian Stone is also worth it for new players, but you’ll soon gain them from Supreme Battle.

The best way to spend gems to finish the event is to save a lot of pub tickets and roll them as described in our pub guide.

Going for higher milestones (60,000 or 90,000 gems) is less World Fruit per gem, but it’s worth it if you spend money and can still complete the 20,000 next event.

If you are late game, ancient succinct is worth it if going for those heroes.

How do you spend your gems?

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