Hero Tier List 2021

Updated Hero Tier List Coming Soon. Community Tier List below.

Now may just be the best heroes, but there will soon be a guide available on how to create the best teams with these best characters.

传奇召唤师-策略性卡牌游戏 Tier List of the best Heroes in Epic Summoners Idle RPG for mobile iOS Android
Hero Tier List – Epic Summoners (传奇召唤师-策略性卡牌游戏)
1. All hero rankings based on cumulative votes from the community.
2. Heros are ranked highest to lowest within each section. For instance, Jiang Shang scored a 7.9 while Sandstormer scored a 7.8.
3. If a tie occurred, the hero was placed based on their name. For instance, Ice Crystal Phoenix and The Great Dog both scored an 8.4 but Ice Crystal Phoenix comes before The Great Dog in the alphabet. 
4. Biggest tie came down between Crystal Lion, Great Sage Equalling Heaven, Kylin, and Justice Angel. 
5. Can you guess what Asura scored? (Ranging from 9.00 – 9.99)
*Note about Hero Tier List
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9: Asura

8: Thor, Soul Split Man, Ice Crystal Phoenix, The Great Dog (Tengu), Phoenix, Immortal Zombie, Vast Sea Spirit, Trump Card Pilot, Faerie Dragon.

7: Jiang Shang, Sandstormer, Crystal Lion, Great Sage Equalling Heaven, Kylin, Justice Angel, Frosty Giant, Leopard, Blade of Flames, Blood Hunter, Mechanical Tyrannosaurus, Nezha, Night Fury.

6. Akantor, Ancient Tree, Scorpion King, Abyss Lord, Bone Dragon, Barbarian King, Storm Daughter, Spirit Queen.

5. Hawk Eye, Deep Sea Titan, Valkyrie, Fire Leader, Paladin, Light Wizard, Nine Tailed Fox.

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